Run your First Program in Arduino

This is Arduino IDE(Integrated Development Enviroment)

Our aim in this short tutorial is to show you how to set up the Arduino IDE software to run a sketch.

If you have not Downloaded IDE then Click the Picture Below

Step 1:

Open the Arduino IDE software.

Step 2:

Click File> Examples > Basics> Blink

Step 3:

Click upload. Then observe your sketch blink the onboard LED.

If you dont want to go in blink Menu you can write Program below.

You Dont need to Attach any LED to 13 PIN because Arduino Uno Board has In bulit Led on 13 pin

void setup()


pinMode(13,OUTPUT); // Pin initialization


void loop()


digitalWrite(13,HIGH); // Turning On LED

delay(10000); // For 10000 ms = 10 sec

digitalWrite(13,LOW); //Turning OFF LED

delay(1000); // For 1000 ms = 1 sec


Step 4:

Update the code. Then upload the sketch, and watch the LED by change of delay.

Hurry you, made one program with Arduino.

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