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CUAV MS4525 Airspeed Sensor with Modified pitot tube Sensor for pixhawk

11,000.00 +18% GST

Dolphin 845mm Wingspan FPV RC Airplane – PNP

13,000.00 +18% GST

FS-SM600 6CH USB Powered Controller with SuperSimX Simulator (Mode 2)

2,020.00 +18% GST

Nano Talon EVO 860mm Wingspan AIO V-Tail EPP Molded FPV Fixed Wing

12,890.00 +18% GST

Non breakable Trainer Rc plane Kit

4,000.005,500.00 +18% GST

RC Plane Fix wing Kits

2,500.004,500.00 +18% GST

Seal Wing G1500 1500mm Wingspan EPO FPV Glider RC Airplane PNP-KIT

15,890.00 +18% GST

Small Rubber Powered Flying Plane Kit for your Children’s

240.00 +18% GST

STRIVER MINI VTOL (fully Assemble and Kits also available)

290,000.00620,000.00 +18% GST

TuffStar* EPP Trainer Ready to Fly Planes

12,999.00 +18% GST

X-UAV Clouds Survey 1880mm Wingspan Twin Motor EPO FPV Aircraft RC Airplane KIT

24,500.00 +18% GST


8,800.00 +18% GST