COMPOSITE MATERIALS FOR MANUFACTURING Now we have, Carbon Tubes, Carbon Fibers, Breathing Clothes, Resins, Epoxy everything avaiable on Robosync with Colaboraton of Cooper Labs Hurryup! Shop NOW Click to visit our New partner 3D PRINTING SERVICE AVAILABLE Build Your Own Model Like COC Troops, Groot [email protected] Cost with Our High Quality 3D printers Like Ultimaker U3, Ender Cr Series, First Time we are gving 50% Discount. Click Here To Quote Now Clash OF Clan Troops Hurray Register Now Register For workshop Build your own projects Robokits by Robosync Provides Own development Kits in which Includes all essential Sensors in One Board and Fully autonmous Drones. Slide Click & BUY NOW Development Board 5 in one Kits Now Robosync has Own 5 development Board for IOT, ROBOTICS , Mini DRONE KIT, MUTI Sensor Board. Slide BUY NOW FIX WING & QUAD AUTONOMUS DRONE Here we will Guide to make fully autonomous drones using Pixhawk and another board like multiwiii. we have seprate blog where you can learn and DIY.
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